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 Interested in End Point Assessing / EPA work? Good news, the world of End Point Assessments is a growing sector and there a skills shortage in the sector for niche and specialist EPA’s.

End Point Assessors and EPA’s can use the site for free, you can create your free account and search for End Point assessor work, with no costs … ever.

When the government reformed Apprenticeships, from frameworks to standards it was one of the sectors biggest changes the sector had seen, but was does that really mean?

Historically, when a learner was on an apprenticeship, 1 NVQ assessor would take a leaner from the start to the end of their apprenticeship, with periodic visits to the learner, to assess their work, progressing them through their apprenticeship. This is how the frameworks used to work.

Now, with standards, a Trainer / Skills Coach (what was the NVQ Assessor) will take a learner about 75% of the qualification, training them through the qualification (rather than assessing them). When the learner hits 75% of the qualification they reach what’s called the “gateway” and this is where the EPA or End Point Assessor, (often known as Independent End Point Assessor, IEPA) will assess the learner. At this point the EPA will pass or fail the learner based on how they perform on the assessment.

So how do you become an EPA or End Point Assessor?

The good news is, there is no set route for an EPA to be an End Point Assessor at the moment. The organisations that take on EPA’s are called End Point Assessment Organisations, also known as EPAO’s.

Each EPAO will have its own criteria but the one thing that is a must is your “occupational competence” or “vocational experience” this refers to your background and career history. As you scroll through the vacancies on EPA Hub, most EPAO’s will say what they need.

For example, if you have been a plumber for 10 years and mastered the art of plumbing, your occupational competence is plumbing, which is what make you competent to End Point Assess and EPA in plumbing.

The good news is there literally 100’s of apprenticeships that need Trainers/Skills Coaches as well as EPA’S / End Point Assessors.

What qualifications do other EPA’s have?

So, the popular and relevant qualifications for EPA are:

  • An assessing or training qualification:
    • D32 / D33
    • A1
    • TAQA
    • CAVA
    • AET
    • EPA

If you are interested in getting an Assessing / training qualification, please visit our resources page for more information.