End Point Assessment Organisation

If you’re an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) looking for End Point Assessors (EPA’s / IEPA’s) you’re on the right site.

What does the EPA Hub do?

In short, we created a platform specifically to link EPA’s with EPAO’s … directly

So how does it work?

There’s 2 ways you can find your EPA’s / IEPA’s / End Point Assessors:

  • Advertise on the Platform
  • Search the database

Search the database

  • As well as proactively advertising and reactively waiting for applications, you can search the database of End Point Assessors who are looking for EPA work.

Advertise on the platform:

Whilst your gut instinct may be to just search the database, we would highly recommend advertising your vacancies too:

  • Become an EPAO of choice and let EPA’s know you are looking for them
  • The database comprises of EPA’s who have registered on the EPA Hub
  • EPA’s will only register if they see assignments they are interested in – no adverts = no EPA’s
  • Advertising will help build your brand awareness and drive engagement

How to get started?

Below are costing options; if you are a growing EPAO, there are discounts for the longer you advertise.



Step 1: Create your EPAO profile

Step 2: Start advertising and searching the database

Step 3: Find your EPA

It really is as simple as that