Where did EPA Hub come from?

Monday, February 22, 2021

EPA Hub is an online platform, that connects EPAO’s directly with EPA’s. It allows for EPAO’s to recruit multiple EPA’s, without having to pay high recruitment agencies fees.

EPA Hub came into existence on the back of conversations with EPAOs, who needed to recruit a fluid and flexible workforce, often with a very short lead time. EPAO’s were looking for a cost-effective way to recruit, quickly with fluctuating amounts of work required. Traditional recruitment agencies were expensive, traditional advertising on job boards were hit and miss and there didn’t seem to be a specific solution for their needs.

In an ideal world EPAO’s wanted a space they could advertise to a captive audience who wanted EPA work and be able to search on a database of EPA’s, which is exactly what the EPA Hub is.

As an EPAO you can advertise your vacancies on the EPA hub and search the EPA Hub database for End Point Assessors.

EPA’s can register on the EPA Hub and browse for work on the EPA Hub and apply to work with EPAO’s.

The EPA Hub has worked with and supported of the sectors leading and growing EPAO’s and seen 100’s of End Point Assessors register on the EPA hub.