Thinking of becoming an EPA? Here's our advice!

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The need for End Point Assessors is increasing. It’s a growing sector and niche where specialist subjects are in high demand. Could you fill the skills gap and thrive in an EPA role?

If you’re thinking of becoming an End Point Assessor, you’ll need to know the most up to date requirements and regulations. Every assessment is different and requirements vary in each subject and sector. As a primarily freelance role with attractive pay, it is an engaging career for those who want to use their knowledge and experience to inspire the future workforce. 

Read on to find out more about how to become an EPA.  

What is an EPA?

Apprenticeships have changed. When the apprenticeship reform came in, so did the reform of how they are assessed. As the transition to standards continues, the role of an EPA is becoming increasingly sought-after. An Independent End Point Assessor (EPA) is responsible for completing the End Point Assessment for the Apprentice when they reach the end of their qualification. The EPA does not have any previous contact with the apprentice, therefore can assess them independently and effectively. 

As an EPA you will assess the full learning journey of the apprentice using the evidence and information they collated have during their apprenticeship. They will pass or fail depending on the quality of their work. Although an EPA is only required at the end of the apprenticeship, they are often hired at the start of the programme to keep track of the assessment plan and evidence. 

The primary responsibilities of an EPA are:

- Collate and submit the correct documentation to the Assessment Centre

- Guide the student through their End Point Assessment

- Follow the Assessment plan and ensure all requirements are completed

- Collect all the evidence required for the qualification. This can include observation, portfolios, professional discussions, and exams

- Ensure the quality of the evidence is sufficient 

What do I need to become an EPA?

As with any job you’ll need certain qualifications to be eligible to apply for EPA roles. Ideally, you’ll have:

- A significant level of experience within your field

- A valid assessor qualification (D32 / D33, A1, TAQA, CAVA, AET, EPA)

- A recognised qualification to back up your experience 

The good news is there’s no fixed route into the EPA world, although you will need a valid assessor qualification. For example, if you have been a builder for 15 years, this experience would show your competence in assessing the work of an apprentice and we can help you with the next steps to becoming an EPA. 

You can also take the Level 3 Award in Undertaking End Point Assessment which is not a requirement but will be an advantage when you’re searching for roles. There are lots of apprenticeships available in a variety of different business areas and each one will need an EPA. 

If you want to find out more about becoming an EPA please get in touch with our team, or click here to see our vacancies. 

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1 comment on "Thinking of becoming an EPA? Here's our advice!"

  • Peter Dignam says: 1 August 2021 at 22:17

    Hi, please take an opportunity to review my profile for suitability as an EPA. As you will see, I have been fortunate to have had comprehensive experience throughout my employment history, starting out as a welding apprentice, trainer/assessor/IQA, working for various Government improvement agencies and with Ofsted/ALI/TSC for a considerable number of years. I have also held several senior appointments as Head of/Director of Quality. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Kind regards, Peter